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  • debug: added a lot to pinpoint the url issue.
  • feat: Use /sources/stats in the home (#133)
  • Changelog for v123030681 [CI SKIP]


  • fix: Unread and starred can be null.
  • Fixed version number issue.
  • Changelog for v123030621 [CI SKIP]


  • fix: url required issue.
  • fix: Canvas reused issue.
  • Changelog for v123020572 [CI SKIP]


  • fix: requirecontext issues ?
  • debug: activity not found exception.
  • Changelog for v123020571 [CI SKIP]


  • chore: remove errors logging.
  • fix: quickfix for url param not provided for some sources.
  • Update ''
  • Changelog for v123020523 [CI SKIP]


  • fix: Git changelog.


  • fix: Fixed acra bug reporting.


  • Chore: acra config.



  • feat: Handle public instances (#126) Co-authored-by: davidoskky davidoskky@hidden.hidden Co-committed-by: davidoskky davidoskky@hidden.hidden
  • ci: Pull request should trigger ci.
  • fix: Complete the disconnection before redirecting to the login screen
  • Complete the disconnection before redirecting to the login screen


  • Merge pull request 'feat: swipe down to close images' (#122) from davidoskky/ReaderForSelfoss-multiplatform:swipe_down into master
  • Remove unnecessary definition
  • Remove unused import
  • Adjust the image closing animation
  • Add a dark hue to the underlying article when swiping to close images
  • Rename activity style to avoid interferences
  • Adapt the style of the image activity to the rest of the application
  • Resolve issues when swiping down to close images
  • Close the image fragment only if the image has been dragged down
  • Animate swipe down to close images
  • Swipe down to close images


  • Merge pull request 'scroll-tag-filters' (#124) from scroll-tag-filters into master
  • fix: added POST_NOTIFICATIONS to fix notifications issues.
  • fix: scrollable filter sheet.
  • enhancement: Ellipsize chips text.
  • Cleaning.


  • feat: Disable the failing source in the filter sheet.
  • feat: Display the source error in the sources list.


  • build: Added back maven repos (see 1fb9d60dc5 (note_1223925153))
  • build: Added back maven repos (see 1fb9d60dc5 (note_1223925153))
  • debug: trying to resolve Canvas: trying to use a recycled bitmap.
  • fix: NPE may be caused by the binding or the title that was null.
  • chore: Skip drone pipeline on changelog push.


  • fix: Automatic CHANGELOG generation.
  • Merge pull request 'Sources Upsert' (#119) from sources-edit into master
  • Source update screen.
  • Sources menu.
  • chore: Automatic CHANGELOG generation.

V2/Multiplatform rewrite


  • The app has the same functionalities as before.

Old version changes


  • Hiding tags with 0 articles

  • Fixed issue with basic auth and images loading

  • Added the ability to justify or left align the reader text

  • Fixed #251

  • Added experimental issue to set a default timeout. Should work for #238.

  • Closing #220.

  • Start of #238. "Add a quick shortcut to open the app on offline mode ?"

  • Closes #216. Issue with selfoss version 2.19.

  • Closes #179. Sync of read/unread/star/unstar items on background task or on app reload with network available.

  • Closes #33. Background sync with settings.

  • Closing #1. Initial article caching.

  • Closing #228 by removing the list action bar. Action buttons are exclusively on the card view from now on.

  • Closing #38. Only doing api calls on network available.

  • Closing #298 and #287. Issues with Listview rendering

  • Closing #290. Fixing back button issue in Settings

  • Closing #300. Fixing issues when displaying some special characters.

  • Closing #310. Some feeds don't have icons nor thumbnails.

  • Closing #178. Expending images on tap.

  • Closing #323. Old issue with textview not having the right color.

  • Closing #324. Svg images loading crashes the app.

  • Closing #322. App crashed because of svg images.

  • Closing #236. New sources can be added in Selfoss 2.19.

  • Closing #397 and #355. Tag and Sources filters are now exclusive.

  • Dropped support for android 4, the last version supporting it is v1721030811

  • Added ability to scroll articles up and down using the volume keys #400


  • Handling hidden tags.

  • Fixed pre-lolipop issue with automatic theme changes.

  • Removed all Build config things.

  • Removed firebase and fabric.

  • Added Acra for optional crash reporting and error logging.

  • Dynamic themes !

  • Strings cleaning.

  • Versions updates.

  • Fixes #215, #208.

  • Fixes #328.


  • Added confirmation to the mark as read and update menues.

  • Add to favorites from article viewer.

  • Added an option to use a webview in the article viewer (see #149)

  • Fixes (#151 #152 #155 #157 #160 #174) and more.

  • New year fixes !!!

  • Changed page indicator position as it was overlaping content.

  • Now using slack instead of gitter.

  • Moved completely to a webview to fix #161.

  • Fixed typos in French ( Thanks @aancel )

  • Updated the Contribution guide about translations.

  • Better handling for articles update. (See #169)

  • Ability to change the article viewer content font size (see #153)

  • Versions updates * 2.

  • Added padding to the recyclerview.

1.5.5.x (didn't last long) AND 1.5.6.x

  • Toolbar in reader activity.

  • Marking items as read on scroll (with settings to enable/disable).

  • Swapped the title and subtitle in the article viewer.

  • Added an animation to the viewpager.

  • Completed Dutch, Indonesian and Portuguese translations !

  • Fixed #142, #144, #147.

  • Changed versions handling.

  • Removed indonesian english as it was causing issues with the english version of the app.

  • You can now scroll through the loaded articles !

  • Spanish translation and some Indonesian !

  • Turkish translation !

  • Fixed an issue with crowdin configuration (and its translations)

  • Typo fix.

  • The real last infinite scroll bug fix.

  • Simplified Chinese translation !

  • Fixed the last bug with infinite scroll.

  • Fixing list view displaying issues.

  • Endless scroll is not in beta anymore.

  • Fixed an issue with the sources list.

  • Fixing infinite scroll trying to load more items when there are no more.

  • Displaying the right number of items.

  • Fixing infinite scroll remaining issues. Should be stable enough.

  • Fixed fab and toolbar issue (#113)

  • Fixed links clickable (#114)

  • Changed the link colors in the article viewer

  • Hiding FABs on scroll.

  • Closing #109 (code cleaning)

  • Hiding fabs on scroll (#101)

  • Displaying a loader when "reading more" in the article viewer.

  • Displaying the thumbnail instead of icon on the article viewer.

  • Scrolling to top when loading content with the "read more" button.

  • Using the kotlin wrapper for the material drawer (see #98 for more details).

  • Updated support libraries

  • Changed the Floating Action Button to the support library version.

  • New reader activity action bar #103.

  • Thanks @jrafaelsantana for translating the whole app in Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Loading more items on swipe too.

  • Fixed popup menu style. User may need to reselect the theme.

  • Disabled reporting marking items as read if there isn't an issue.

  • Translation fix.

  • Fixing an issue with marking items as read (something related to an old version of selfoss).

  • Trying to fix some issue with pre-launch reports. Reverted because it seems to be related to the dev console side.

  • Fixing full height cards issue.

  • Removed the "apk downloaded from outside of playstore" message.

  • Versions update.

  • HTML viewer version update. It should fix an issue with images.

  • Some code cleaning.

  • Added issue reporting from within the app.

  • Fixed infinite scroll not working.

  • Fixed logs not working.

  • Temporary workaround handling opening invalid urls. Waiting to solve #83.

  • Fixed an issue on older versions of Android.

  • Libs update.

  • Crowdin translations

  • Libs updates.

  • Translation fix.

  • Added translation link to the settings page.

  • Added the translation link to the README.

  • (BETA) Added pull from bottom to load more pages of results. May be buggy.

  • APK minification finally working. That means less space taken !
  • Added an option to log every API call.

  • Source code and tracker links weren't being set, and updated the contributing doc.

  • Adding an account header on the lateral drawer.

  • The account header is only displayed when the setting is enabled.

  • Updated glide.

  • Loading images from self signed certificate now working.

  • Self signed certificates are now working for loading data. Image are not loading yet.

  • Added a random unique identifier to be used in the logs.

  • Added settable logs for reading articles problems.

  • Added the ability to choose the number of items loaded (the maximum value is 200 and is imposed by the selfoss api)

  • Fix problem introduced in SVG file not working on older versions of android.

  • Versions updates

  • Reverted to the old icon.

  • Better icon for the intro activity.

  • Updated gradle version.

  • Added the ability to accept self signed certificates. (Needs more testing)

  • Added optional login option.

  • New (Better) Icon !

  • New Icon !

  • Hiding the unread badge when marking all items as read.

  • Fixes and libs updates.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Code cleaning

  • Added back the badges after it was fixed on the library side.

  • THEMES !!!! For now, the app has predefined themes. You can ask for new ones until I make them dynamic.

  • Fixes introduces by the previous alpha (

  • Added testing to the CI.

  • Code cleaning

  • Display the pull to refresh loader on api call

  • Fixes :

    • Can't pull down to refresh on first launch

    • Recurring crash because of the url

    • Couldn't open some urls because of missing "http"

    • Adding a source with invalid url would crash

  • Fixed an issue when trying to add a source without being logged in.

  • Reloading drawer tags badges on slide to refresh.


  • Added a drawer for filtering sources and tags.

  • You can now search for items from the toolbar.

  • If the content in the article viewer is empty, the article will open in a custom tab.

  • Added a share button, and an "open in browser" button to the bottom of the article viewer.

  • Updated custom tab code.

  • The release APK wasn't working at all.


  • The app is now open source ! And rewritten in Kotlin !


  • Fixes and missing translations.


  • Added setting for full height and fixed height cards size.


  • Action Bar color now matches the primary color on the recent apps screen.

  • Added a bottom margin to de article viewer content

  • Multiple fixes for the new article viewer.


  • Disable swipe to hide from other "tabs" and avoid badges problems

  • Fixed a bug with the new Article viewer with some displaying fixes


  • Added the ability to use http authentication (Basic and Digest)


  • Fixed gitter link

  • Change the article viewer because the other was causing crashes


  • Added an intro to the app.

  • Added the ability to test the app without a Selfoss instance.


  • Added the ability to have a github build. If the apk is a Github build, check for update and ask the user to download it (directly from the github page).


  • The apk stating that the app wasn't installed from the store is only displayed on start.


  • Fixed boolean problem.


  • The app is available in Dutch !


  • Fixed a bug with the articles states.


  • You can now help me translate the app ! There will be a dialog displayed the first time you open the app, and the link will still be available from the settings page.


  • Changed the custom tabs color to dark orange to fix the wrong title color.


  • The badges now are shown even if the tab is selected.

  • Fixed feeds not reloading on app resume (caused by changes).


  • Added a setting to enable/disable the article viewer when the internal browser is enabled.

  • Added peek to the card view.

  • Text drawable if no icon.


  • Changed the external browser setting to internal browser and handled the change on first open.

  • Some text changes.

  • Better animations handling on slow networks.



  • Added tab bar badges with settings to display them.

  • Added invites.


  • Fixed a typo.


  • Updated support library to 10.2.0.

  • Updated firebase to 10.2.0.

  • Updated article_viewer to 0.20.1.

  • Updated bottom-bar to 2.1.1.